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SLKJDFKLSDJFLKSDFMSD we’re so excited!! ahhh!!! i hope we meet them!! either way it’s going to be so much fun! :) YAYYYYYYYYYY!

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  1. andinthatmoment-iswearwewerefans said: Omg so jealous I really want to see them Im hoping my mum gets me tickets for christmas. but she probably wont :’( either way I will cry, alot
  2. shawnaykid said: I just saw them on tuesday night and met them! Just wait out by their tour buses and they’ll definitely come out and do autographs and pictures and everything!! Have a blast, it’s the best show I’ve seen so far!!! :D
  3. emilyschmmemily said: I am so jealous! I want to see them so bad :(
  4. mysonginordinarytime said: Have fun you guys!
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