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Hey everyone!

Omgoshhhh this has so far been the longest break I’ve ever taken from this blog and I’m so so so so sorry :(

I am so busy with college and honestly I just haven’t even thought about updating this blog at all. The sad part is I don’t even know what’s happening with the boys/Celtic Thunder at all either, I feel like I haven’t been keeping up with news or anything.

But I thought I’d get on for our favorite holiday and say hi! I hope everyone has a great St. Patrick’s Day and listens to lots of CELTIC THUNDER!! :) Maybe I’ll try to get on this blog more often but I’m not sure yet.

Love you guys, Happy St. Patrick’s Day! <3

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17/09/12 @ 12:58am
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keith harkin
so what is this i saw about Keith?? i looked on the site and it said nothing and now im really confused! HELP ME!!!

i’m not really sure!! :/ 

the only article/news i’ve personally seen is this

hey guys!

i just wanted to personally apologize for the lack of attention i’ve been showing this blog since school started!

it’s my junior year in college and so far it has been the busiest and most grueling year so i’m sorry that i’ve had no free time to make littlethings!

please be patient and i hope i’ll have more time in upcoming weeks! :)

p.s-THERE WAS A GIRL IN MY CLASS TODAY WEARING AN IT’S ENTERTAINMENT T-SHIRT!! Long story short we are now best friends. 

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24/08/12 @ 08:09pm
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Something that has to do with watching Neil's journey through Celtic Thunder, you know how he's progressed to being a front man :)

thanks for the submission! we actually made one similar to that not too long ago though! :)

feel free to reblog it: 

little celtic thunder things #216: Ryan’s face after Zara Curtis, the dancer, slaps him in “Heartbreaker”.

watch here at about 1:47

little celtic thunder things #215: When George sings the last lines of the last verse of “Home From the Sea”.

"And just before dawn 
When all hope had gone 

Came a hush and a faraway sound. 
'Twas the coxswain he roared 
All survivors on board 
Thank God and we’re homeward bound. ”

listen here

little celtic thunder things #214: When Neil, Damian and Paul juggled the soccer ball during the “Storm” credits.

little celtic thunder things #213: The way Keith says “carve” in “The Island”.

Still tryin’ to carve tomorrow from a tombstone…”

listen here at about :40 seconds

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@ 02:04pm
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celtic thunder
haha my bad! :)
Are you sure the cellist in Heartbreaker is Laura?

hahaha oops! yeah i wasn’t entirely confident that it was laura, but i saw that the last time someone submitted a heartbreaker littlething they called her laura so i just trusted their knowledge! 

lol but thanks for letting me know, i just fixed it to say megan sherwood! :D

little celtic thunder things #212: How the cellist, Megan Sherwood, is trying so hard to keep a straight face during “Heartbreaker”.

watch here

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